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About Us

What makes us different:

  • We design uniforms for client schools from suite of fabrics, colours and styles in whatever combination they require
  • Ethical manufacturing in Europe ensures the highest quality garments, peace-of-mind and fast stock replenishment
  • British and European cloths and trims ensure our garments are comfortable and look smarter longer

Boy in Blazer

Our Aims

  • To be highest quality & most ethical school uniform supplier in the UK
  • To help schools and businesses maintain a unique & smart appearance
  • To keep the cost of school uniforms to a minimum
  • To ensure the wearer gets a superior comfortable feel
  • To deliver high quality garments that last longer
  • To provide the best service available

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Our Heritage:

In 1870 C.G. Southcott started making military uniforms in Bridlington, today his Great Grandsons run School Colours Direct. The principles of using the latest machinery and technologies have not changed over the generations, ensuring our garments are the highest quality available.

For 4 generations we have been supplying high quality school uniforms to schools throughout the UK, as well as other countries. Our designs allow schools to achieve a unique & smart appearance that the children, teachers & parents can all be proud of.